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Union Pines High School

1981 Union Church Road, Cameron, NC 28326, USA

Hey ya! Welcome to Rhinowrestling.org, the long time home of Team Rhino which has solely focused on grassroots support of wrestling in North Carolina since 2003. If you are used to seeing a list of events on this home page don't be alarmed! They are still here, just on another page. You can click the wrestling tourneys & camps link at the top of the page and it will take you there or just click right about .... HERE. Why the change you ask? Well, I am in the midst of a transition. Having retired from the Army in 2008, I have since had the time to pursue a lot of other activities from obtaining my master's degree to coaching at the high school level to becoming an ordained minister to obtaining my gunsmithing certification. During this period I have been working full time for the feds at Fort Bragg, continuing to work with special operations forces as I did on active duty (no, I am not trying to sound like a high-speed, low-drag, flat-bellied, steely-eyed, silver-winged elite warrior although I was once one but that was before my time in USASOC). So short story long or vice versa depending on your perspective; I am beginning a transition and the first outward sign is this website. I may or may not change the url to match my potential future company's name though it would be prudent to do so. I am leaning towards the new company being, "Team Rhino American Ventures" and offering the following services: Gunsmithing, Event Management, Ministerial Services, and Backyard Barbecue (did I mention I fancy myself a pitmaster?). In the next few weeks and months I will be adding more content on each of these services to this site or perhaps a new site like www.trav.com or www.teamrhinoamericanventures.com. You can look forward to updates on the business model development and FFL obtainment as well as and in between updates-perhaps blog entries-about what I am doing in the mean time like presiding over a wedding this May in the mountains of North Carolina. Whether you are a long time follower of Team Rhino or a new one, feel free to drop me, Marty Bartram, a line using the contact us link up top and share your thoughts.


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